I write video scripts and long-form content that increase your traffic and grow a loyal audience.

Do you want to get more visitors and conversions using high-quality free content? I can help.

I write content that gets views (3M+ to be exact.)

You’re looking to capitalize on the holy grail of marketing – organic traffic.

The main problem? This space is extremely competitive. You need to offer a superior experience to your website visitors if you want to grow your audience and stay on top.

My two main tools for doing this are long-form written content and video scripts.

I combine keyword research + trend research + screenwriting techniques to create compelling content builds your loyal audience.

“182,000 views from one video (and counting).”

“Amy has a good grasp on how to create engaging stories. She’s an innovative thinker and easy to work with.”

Syd M., Youtube content creator (160K subscribers)

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Long-form Content
Prospective clients expect value upfront. I create research-driven, long-form content that builds traffic and audience loyalty.

 Signature Video Script
Use your signature video on your homepage, sales page or social media channels to increase engagement and generate leads.

"The copy is authentically me and feels right."

“I didn’t have to worry about my copy. It was so helpful working with Amy because she looked at my story and knew which parts to pull out. I really felt like Amy cared about getting me where I needed to go in my business.”

Lauren H., Flower Farmer & Florist

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