I write emails and landing pages that take your audience from "oh, hey there" to

How, you might ask?


The online marketing space is crowded (like Tokyo metro at rush hour crowded) – but you already knew that.


There’s a golden window of opportunity the first time a potential customer comes across your biz. The only problem? If you don’t give them a reason to stick around, that window of opportunity slams shut. Real quick.


The good news? If they found you, they need help with a crushing problem.

Your goal?
Play it cool (no proposals on the first date, ‘mk?) by leading with value first.


Here's What You'll Need (Besides Another Shot of Espresso.)

A lead magnet that offers you audience that little glimmer of light showing them that BIG results are possible for them too.

Emails that build relationships over time. I can write emails that help clients remember who you are and what you do.

Strategy for how these pieces fit together to nurture new leads and build a lasting relationship with your audience.

Photography by Kristina Nichol