Hi, I’m Amy - former corporate marketer turned copywriter & content strategist for 6-figure media companies.

Online learning and content creation-based businesses are positioned for exponential growth.
The only two problems? Your creativity isn’t limitless (and neither are the topics that are relevant to your niche.)


There’s no shortage of people out there who talk about “repurposing content.” So, what makes my approach different?

  • I take a strategic approach to mapping out your content refresh.
  • I partner with your exisiting team members for seamless project integration.
  • I’m in it for the long haul. These projects are in-depth, and I have the resilience to see it through. 
Most importantly, I’ll give you a fresh perspective on which content is worth keeping, worth refreshing and worth eliminating. This can save you thousands in incorrectly funded resources, while improving your audience’s experience.