I write emails and landing pages that take leads from frosty to friendly.


The online marketing space is crowded (like Tokyo metro at rush hour crowded) – but you already knew that. Visibility is important, but so is building relationships with the humans on your list. 

The main problem? There’s a lot of noise and clutter out there in the online marketing wilderness (especially when it comes to free content.) So, how do you get potential clients to remember your name (and then fall in love with your brand?)

Here’s some good news. If they’ve come across your landing page or have already signed up for your email list, they WANT to keep the conversation going. 

Your goal? Play it cool (no proposals on the first date, ‘mk?) and use landing pages and emails that convert.

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2 million views and counting...

Amy is a good storyteller and researcher, but most of all, she understands the theory behind what gets people to stick around and take action.
Sidd M.
Content Creator

4X'd my investment...

Amy created the copy for my brand new business and I hit almost $10K in sales in the first month. The copy is authentically me and feels right.
Lauren H.

Here's how I can help:


Show potential customers how you can help them solve their most urgent problems. Keep them in your world by getting them on your list.


Give new prospects a warm welcome to your list. I write emails that help clients remember who you are and what you do.

VIP Half Day

Let’s make a good thing even better. We’ll improve either your email sequence or landing page in this live writing session.