Hi, I'm Amy - Canadian and coffee mug collector.

Let me introduce myself in this unusual (yet highly effective) third person interview.

Reporter Amy: How do you write emails and landing pages that actually get readers to take action?

Copywriter Amy: Truthfully, the best emails hit you on a gut level, make you feel less alone and give you hope – all in 300 words or less. It’s a combination of figuring out the transformation that your customers wants, capturing your brand voice, sequencing emails in the correct order and crafting a catchy, “click worthy” subject line. 

Reporter Amy: Why do most lead magnets end up getting downloaded and then…nothing? *crickets*

Copywriter Amy: The role of a landing page is to convey the benefits of the lead magnet in an engaging way. If a potential lead isn’t excited about the lead magnet when they download it, they won’t read it later and are less likely to open emails after the fact, too. 

Reporter Amy: Why are you the right person to craft my copy? 

Copywriter Amy: I started my offline career as a marketing generalist and originally came to the online world planning to be a coach. From there, I worked with two different 7-figure business coaches. I’m also a graduate of the Copywriter Club Accelerator (you know, the ones with the famous podcast) and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. 

OK, now that you’ve met the human behind the words (pronouns: She/Her), let’s dive into how I can help you!