Essential copy to help your business grow

The Copy Quick Start Session

This session is perfect for you if you need professional review of copy you’ve written yourself. You can also use this session for a mini training on copywriting techniques. It’s a 90 minute session that you’ll leave with clear action steps on how to write more engaging copy. 

The Copy Fast Track
3 hour intensive & done-for-you copy

You need a sale page, email sequence or simple website copy *like yesterday* and the thought of a 4 week waitlist makes you groan! 

With The Copy Fast Track, you can great great copy, fast! We’ll meet for a 3 hour intensive, and within 5 business days, your draft will be delivered to your (digital) doorstep. 

This offer is perfect for you if you need a sales page, 3 pages of website copy or a 5 email welcome sequence.

Two payments of $599
The Luxe Organic Launch
A full suite of all things launch copy

You know when inspiration strikes, you need to take action! Then reality sets in, and you realize how much you need support to get you through your next launch. 


Enter my Luxe Organic Launch copy package! This includes a sales page, landing page,10 emails and three hours of consultation. It’s a perfect fit for launchers who prefer to use organic methods (instead of paid traffic.) 


This package will save you hours and free you up to do what you do best – making sales and showing up! 

A bit about me as a writer...

As an eager 6th grader, I joined out school’s storyteller club (yes, I’ve always been a nerd.) We gathered around in a circle every Wednesday, hanging onto our school librarian’s every word. 


That’s where I fell in love with the magic of stories (what I consider to be the basis of great copywriting) 

An English Degree, successful YouTube channel (with scripts totaling 8 million views) and near decade in marketing later, I’m here ready to help with your next project. 

My favorite author’s are Hemingway and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So, I go between very crisp, clear prose or sprawling words rich in imagination. Either way, I’m a bit of a brand voice chameleon, and easily able to slip into your brand’s vibe. 

Looking forward to connecting with you!