Copywriting solutions for coaches and visionary entrepreneurs

Does this sound familiar?

The first few years of your business were great. You were fully immersed in learning all elements of running a business, including client attraction, packaging offers, content marketing and sales. 

Now you’re ready to start bringing more LIVING back into your day-to-day life. After all, the whole reason you decided to start this journey into entrepreneurship was to buy back some of your time and enjoy more freedom. 

In my experience, burnout can be really common in this stage of business IF you don’t do something about it. If you’ve landed here, welcome! I want to affirm that you were right. Outsourcing IS an essential part of growing a thriving and sustainable business.

I’m going to share a quote from one of my favourite marketing authors, Seth Godin, to bring this point home:

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas. What’s missing is the will to execute them”

Let me share with you exactly how I’m going to help you get to that next level of influence and leadership in your space by executing your vision for your next launch or brand voice and website refresh!

Choosing the perfect copywriting package for you

Together, we’ll work quickly and with impact to create your new website or sales page, or even design a custom experience inside of my VIP week container.

Here’s just some of the previous experiences I’ve created with my clients including:

  • A complete brand voice guide + website for an agency client to help her significantly increase her rates and laser in on her dream client
  • A full stack marketing and copywriting strategy package for a brick and mortar business that creates relaxing experiences for her stressed clientele 
  • An ongoing retainer for a rising thought leader encompassing her membership launch copy, engagement strategy, branding and much more. 

"I know you're a copywriter, but you're also brilliant at the strategy around how everything pieces together."

Anya Parker-Lentz
CEO of Landau Agency

If you’re wondering whether an investment in copywriting is the next step for you right now, I’d ask what’s the true cost of trying to write your own copy or delegating this to someone with less experience who might be charging a significantly lower rate.

These choices can lead to:

It doesn't have to be this way with a seasoned copywriter in your corner.

Pathway #1

The VIP Week

Take over my calendar for not just a day, but an entire week! This is a beautiful way to fast track my 6 week waiting list for pathway #2. Talk about luxury! 

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • 60 minute pre-VIP week kick off call and client questionnaire 
  • 30 minute wrap up and handover call
  • Access via Voxer for the duration of your VIP week 

Here’s an example of one of my most popular custom packages inside the VIP week experience:

  • In-depth Sales Page framework including research, headlines and subheadlines and section overviews (*for new sales pages)
  • Content strategy development including pillars and 1 month of content ideas and headlines

This experience is fully customizable, so let’s talk about what we can create together!

$1,100 USD
1 week container

Pathway #2

The Luxe Copy Suite

You’re ready to embody the next level in your brand. That means refining your message, elevating your copy and amplifying your impact.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • 90 minute project kick-off call
  • I’ll start research on my side with an in-depth target audience questionnaire, customer interviews and market research
  • Project meeting #2 to clarify research findings and other details (this is approximately 2-3 weeks after our first meeting.)
  • In two more weeks, I’ll present the final Web Copy draft to you (Project meeting #3)
  • Bespoke brand voice, personality and tone guide (20+ slides)
  • Outreach to past customers for testimonials if needed
  • SEO keyword research
  • In-depth refresh and revisions on your sales page for one of your offerings
  • Package includes 2 rounds of revisions


The Luxe Copy Suite is ideal for entrepreneurs who are ready to magnetize visibility opportunities like speaking, writing a book and guesting on podcasts.

$2,800 USD
4 week total turnaround time

Payment plans are available.

My Promise to You

As a one-woman agency, I’m selective about the clients I take on because of my dedication to my craft and my desire to create exceptional client experiences. If it’s a great fit for both of us and we work together, I’m confident you’ll be THRILLED with the copy you receive! 

“I now have direction and support with my nurture sequence–something I’ve struggled with for months”

Martha Bodyfelt
Divorce Coach for Professional Women 

“I really felt creative flow and loved the insights you had. Great ideas and very fun!”

Sumeena Gupta
Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

You might be wondering if I’m the right copywriter for you. 

Let me lead by saying that I’m very results-driven and I also love to reflect your brilliance back to you. My clients have achieved things like booking $10K in work after a new website launch and getting 20 members into a brand new membership with a tiny list.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

Amy Nicole Writes contributes a percentage of all revenue back to social justice causes. These can vary depending on current events, but this is an ongoing initiative with an annual commitment. I welcome people of all races, religions, sexual orientations and ability levels as collaborators, team members and clients. I am an ally for social change and have made a lifelong commitment to learning and growth.

You’re a perfect fit if...

  • You’re the visionary in your business and are comfortable delegating tasks without doubting yourself 
  • You’re willing to be honest and open so that we can uncover the true magic in your offer and you as a coach or entrepreneur
  • You want to build a strong foundation upon which to continue to profit and thrive well into the future!
  • You’re a Taurus. Just kidding! But honestly, a lot of my favourite clients are earth signs so I might as well put it out there 🙂

This might not be for you if...

  • You need a full sales page or website in less than a week 
  • You don’t have much experience delegating tasks in your business and hiring a service providers feel like something that will just cause you more stress
  • You’re not that clear on your offer and target audience just yet. It will take some more time researching and having conversations to figure this out
  • How do I decide between the VIP Week and The Luxe Copy Suite?

    The VIP week is a great option if you’re earlier on in your business and you’re willing to take on some of the copywriting yourself (for example, putting together a rough draft for me to polish and review.) The Luxe Copy Suite is best for more experienced business owners who are firmly established in the niche and are ready to increase their impact and name recognition in their space.

  • What can we accomplish in a VIP Week?

    The best way to get the most out of your VIP week is to arrive as prepared as possible. I’ll go over this in your pre-VIP week call, but basically it means having rough drafts, a launch plan or a certain intention behind our time together to help you get the most out of it! Some of the things we can accomplish are writing a welcome sequence, finalizing a sales page from a rough draft, coming up with 3 months of content ideas or creating a workshop / masterclass / lead magnet outline and landing page.

  • What’s your working style like?

    I’m a researcher at heart and I’m also someone who will gently push you outside your comfort zone. I like to keep the lines of communication open through 1:1 meetings and Voxer. Your voice will be heard and remains front and center throughout the entire project.

  • Why is copywriting a good investment as I build my business?

    Copy will help you to set up a strong foundation for the next few years in your business. For example, we can finish your website and then you can use the copy to pitch yourself to new visibility opportunities with even more confidence. The sales page we develop together can be used to sell your program repeatedly over a number of years. The basic idea? Invest once, keep profiting.

  • Can you guarantee specific results?

    There are many factors that go into a successful offer, one of which is copywriting. Some of the other factors include audience size, list building strategy, offer alignment and even your intention behind creating the offer. I will take you through my proven framework to write copy that truly resonates with your audience and I’m happy to provide referrals from my very happy clients!

  • Ready to work with Amy Nicole Writes?