Discover your Brand Brilliance Workshop

LIVE TRAINING: How to Find Your Intuitive Brand Advantage

DATE: Monday, April 12th

TIME: 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Are you ready to show up in a bigger way than you ever have before?

Here’s a loving reminder that…

Here’s why I created this training:

I see so many online business owners getting stuck wondering where to show up online, and how to do it.

It all starts with getting clarity on your mission and values. From that, your intuitive brand advantage emerges.

I want to help you to show up as your truest self, with confidence, on any platform that you choose.

Get ready to release the feeling of overwhelm and create more ease in your content marketing strategy.

Amy is someone who can add a lot of value very quickly.

“I came to her with a business question and she gave me a fresh perspective on it, helping me move forward with confidence.”

– Ash Chow, Web & Launch Copywriter

What you’ll learn:

What to expect:

What to bring:

A pen, a journal and your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

You have an incredible brand voice that’s just waiting to come out.

I believe that if you’ve come this far, you have an important message to share. The problem is that as soon as overwhelm kicks in, clarity and consistency go out the window.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If I’m being honest, I think everyone’s brand message and way of showing up is unique to them. Feeling major resistance usually means that something is off.

That’s why I want to help you uncover your intuitive brand advantage so that you can move forward with confidence and start building an audience you’re proud to call your own

“She found the most valuable pieces from a large volume and parsed that out so I had something really great to work with. ”
“Amy was such an integral part of our project actually happening, and me actually being able to get content out of my very busy client (think baby on the way and 6 figure launch in progress.) Amy fixed our content flow problem. Her work was incredible and invaluable.”

– Anya Parker-Lentz, CEO, Landau Agency

Why show up live?

Workshop limited to 10 people

Price: $97